Whether April is bringing you sun or showers, sunshowers even, the midway point of this cruelest month brings a new issue of Asymptote. Our sixth! With new fiction by Etgar Keret, freaky detailed illustrations by Hugo Muecke, and a bevy of original English-language fiction addressing the unsaid (David Leavitt in the house!), we feel this is perhaps our favorite edition yet.

As we slowly spread our literary wings, we add Faroese and K’iche’ (the Mayan tongue of the Popul Vuh) to our growing roster of languages. There’s our new contributing editors Howard Goldblatt and Sylvia Lin’s translation of Alai’s Tibetan King Getar epic, an essay on and excerpt of the Austrian master Josef Winkler, a gorgeous slideshow and revealing interview dealing with Taiwanese erasurist poetry, and that’s not even mentioning our most personal Writers on Writers piece yet, Lennox Raphael on Jens Olav Magnussen. Come one come all, you can hide under our umbrella.